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Beating Limitations

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About This Project

We felt so lucky to work with Donna at Beating Limitations. Her wonderful blog needed a facelift and a move from Expression Engine to WordPress. Donna contacted us with the hopes of updating two sites, Beating Limitations and 52 Weeks of Eating. We needed to bring them together with a unifying look, yet remaining true to their separate functions. The end result was a site reminiscent of old times, sitting down with the newspaper for a good read, except now that paper would most likely be on a tablet of sorts.

The new sites for Beating Limitations and 52 Weeks of Eating are responsive, masonry layout themes. They both make use of several custom post types, including a special Event post type with an identity icon based on the event type selected. The idea behind the redesign, was to make it much easier for Donna to maintain the site herself.

Check them out! Beating Limitations and 52 Weeks of Eating.