Who is concept168?

Concept168 is a boutique consulting firm, specializing in eCommerce Business Integration and Web Development, we work closely with OS Commerce, Magento, WordPress and social media integration.

Does your business struggle with integrating “Brick and Mortar” and the Internet? Are you looking to make your mark with a fabulous website, or for a way to make updating your website easier, all while integrating user friendly social media tools? Concept168 works with you to make sites that people want to look at, spend time on and interact with; while making your business easier to manage.

Business Integration Services

Best Business Practices, eCommerce and Social Media

Our latest addition to Concept168 service portfolio, business integration for small to medium sized retailers. Business Integration ties together a company’s streamlined Business Practices, with possible eCommerce Solution and Social Media tools.

Click here to find out more about our Business Integration services.

Web Development

Custom Web Design and Social Media Integration

We specialize in creating websites for individuals who require sites they can update quickly and easily, without requiring the expertise of a content manager.

We have created several websites based on the WordPress software, and believe it is the best way to deliver a professional site with ultimate ease of use.

In addition to website development, we are also experienced in web delivered video, print advertising and e-newsletter marketing. This includes graphics creation, layout, programming, video production and editing, and copy.

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What does “concept168” mean?

A couple of ideas went into the name concept168. The big idea is that all marketing and promotions start with a “concept”. It is that original concept and the multitude of ideas that spring from it that we turn into reality.

The numbers 1-6-8; when spoken in Chinese sound like words that mean “road to prosperity”; we think that sounds like a nice road to walk down. Won’t you walk with us?

If you have questions for us or are interested in working with us, please contact us!


  1. I met Kellie and Maggie from Strong Body Whole Heart today. I love what you did for them! I am wondering two things:

    It seems most of your work is on the fitness industry. I am a designer(interior and garden) and am researching web designers for a project that I will be launching in a few months.

    Can you give a ballpark on what your pricing is for websites?

    Thank you,

    Mary Schalk

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